1982-1983 Sailor Marching Band Seniors

This is the Senior Picture from the 1982-1983 Season.

Front Row – Left to right:

Denise Braun, Suzie Hill, Lisa Holmes, Jeanine Kendra, Robin Nunn

Second Row – Left to Right:

Heather Yearger, Kim Ott, Gwen Huffman, Laura Chrulski, Maureen Colgam, Lisa Smith, Beth Dudley, Patty Fleming, Liz Baker, Debbie Winger, Karen Breen, Jamie Schmidt

Last Row – Left to Right:

Ed Taylor, Bill Homka, Tim Mitchell, Jesse Adams, Chris Holmes, Tracy Crow, Mike Lamar, Kevin Kirkwood, Jon Banta, Joe Lundy, Marshall Micheals

A larger copy of this photo can be found here.

3 thoughts on “1982-1983 Sailor Marching Band Seniors”

  1. I am going to supply you with about 12 years of group VHS band pics. I have them ranging from 1965-1972, 1992-1995, and 1997-2001.

  2. That would be great – I already have a few more years, but I've been trying to stagger out posts so mote stuff would be up daily – new content all the time without having to work all the time.

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