Dates For 2010


Greetings.    Get out your permanent markers  this time.

After the last set of email with the  incorrect date for the 2010 Sailor Band Festival, I can not state with  bold assurance that the date for this upcoming festival is
drumroll  please--             

October 2nd

This  means we will have a rehearsal (music only--optional attendance) the  Saturday before (9/25) from 9 AM to 11.

Actually,  to give you even more info-- the Woollybear Festival and Parade will  be on Sunday, 9/26 this year.

I'll be sending  off several emails as we get closer, because I need to come to many  decisions on music, drills  and I need to define what I decide on what  we will wear for slacks, pants, trousers, pantalons, etc.

Enjoy  the spring and we'll be "talking" soon.


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