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Another festival day has past and another alumni show has been performed.

Many, many thanks to those of you who participated and survived the wet, nasty and somewhat deflating conditions of yesterday’s performance. This is one we’ll remember and will make next year’s show (when we can hopefully rehearse and perform in better conditions) even more of a pleasure.

For those of you who weren’t able to be there, we ended up with 60 marchers, 12 majorettes and nine flags. We had to do the show in the gym because just as we were lining up for the show on the field, the heavens opened with a vengeance.

I was very pleased with how quickly we were able to learn the drill in the morning and I was euphoric (couldn’t you tell?) over our lunch break about the progress we had made. The afternoon turned out to be wetter than we hoped and it kept us inside and therefore not able to clean up the drills as much as we’d like.

In any case–the show in the gym was well appreciated and we had a good time.

I look forward to next year already and wonder if you’d like to put the Long Train opening drill in the show again and, hopefully, do it on the field? Let me know what you think.

Thanks go to all of you, of course, but special thanks go to Brent Gueth for his work with recruitment and on the website. To Zach Gleason for his recruitment prowess, Alex Piwowar for bringing his TV to the bowling alley to view the video, Dawn Clark and Lee Ann Mayer for their work with the majorettes and flags, respectively and Bobbi Emery for knowing what I really want in my drills and helping in the learning process by pointing things out and clarifying things for some of you as I was teaching.

It was wonderful to be able to see, talk and work with those of you who were there and to hear from so many of you about how “things” are going in your lives.
Let’s see if we can recruit some more people for next year. If I have email addresses, I can send update and notifications very easily, so have people get on our website or give them my address and contact me.

I do enjoy working and talking with all of you and look forward to next year. So, stay in touch and we’ll see you soon.


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