Alumni Music 2012




The music for this year’s show has finally been chosen:


opener– Bend Me, Shape Me –end zone drill

majorette– Anyway You Want It

flag– Birdland

down front– Hawaii 5-0

Alma Mater

closer– Havana Express –pretty tough closer–it will take some work


There you go.  I decided to hold off on some of your requests for specific numbers or drills.  Since the closer will take more attention, I wanted the opener to be as easy to teach and learn as possible.


I will be working on the music in the next few days and if you requested that I email it to you, it will be on it’s way very soon.


Don’t hesitate to tell other alumni types and encourage them to join us this year.   I will tell you that as of this writing I have only 20 people who have responded.  I’m not sure we want to do it if we don’t get more marchers confirming that they will be there.  At this point it looks like we’d have more majorettes and flags that we would instrumentalists.


Remember that I don’t do facebook, so email, respond to the links on our website, contact Mary Ana or my wife–whatever works for you.


Hope to hear from you soon.



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