2013 Closing Message From JNP


Dear Treasured 2013 Alumni Band Member,
That was certainly a lot of fun yesterday–wasn’t it?   I’m glad that all of our hard work paid off so wonderfully with such a good performance.  There are very few–if any–alumni bands that I’ve noticed over the years that do as complete a show as we do each year.   You are all–as I’ve known for years–exceptional.

We’re thankful for all the new alumni from the class of 2013 who could be a part of the band this year.   We hope that more of their classmates can join us in the future.  We also had several folks from years past who joined us for the very first time.  It was a thrill to see you and to see you enjoying yourselves so much.  Now that you know what it’s like–come back again.  To all the veterans of alumni bands past–thank you for you diligence and consistent attendance.  I’m never upset when your lives keep you from not being in the band for a certain year (or two).  We all have responsibilities that must be attended to and it just doesn’t always work out.   I’m just very happy for when it does.

You were a great group to work with and I hope I didn’t stifle too much of the enthusiasm for socialization (after all–we don’t see each other that much and there just are so many things to talk about) while we were learning our show.

As I’ve mentioned to several of you, it has taken me a few years to get the gist of writing drill so that we learn it quickly and have more time to go through and get the moves set in our minds and incorporated with our music.   What seems simple to me when I’m sketching drill doesn’t always translate into workable/easily teachable patterns on festival day.  I’m getting better at it, so thanks for putting up with me as I learn along with you.

I’m sorry that the video of our show wasn’t available at the bowling alley.  We will make every effort to get it up/out for you to see ASAP.

Please help me collect email addresses of your friends, relatives, in-laws, out-laws, whatever–that were members of the VHSMB in years past and have them sent to me.  As I said to you, being the troglodyte that I am, I only communicate via email.   Social media does nothing for me–nor will it.  OK, I have aTwitter acct.   I feel that having a bigger database of alumni to send information to will, hopefully, get more “kids” to come and join us.  My email address has a link on the VHS Alumni Band website for everyones use.

Oh–I’ll give you a hint for next year–I’m seriously considering an all Beatles show and Lee Mayer has already chosen the flags feature number.  Wow!!

It was a pleasure–as always.  I’ll write when the festival date is set for 2014 so you can circle it in red (or maybe purple and/or gold is better) for next year.

Thank you again.


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