Thank You

Dear Alumni,

Many, many thanks for all your efforts in getting last night’s show learned, rehearsed and on the field in such an efficient manner. I received many wonderful comments about how good and exciting our performance was and how well the crowd received it. We had just the best day of weather we could have ever hoped for had an exceptionally great time.

When we do our annual Vermilion Alumni Band show we are the quintessential “One Day Wonders”. When I tell other directors how much we do and how quickly we do it, they’re amazed (as well they should be) that we even attempt to do it this way. I even had one guy tell me that we were crazy.

When I’m playing and marching I’m focused on “doing my bit”, not making (too many) mistakes and not so much on the whole performance or the crowd’s reaction to what we’re doing. When I’m teaching drill to you, I’m not really learning my part of the routine or the music, so when we start running the show, I’m able to try to quick-learn my part.

For those of you who couldn’t be there, we had and alumni band of 48 players and 12 majorettes, a great group. We learned the drill for both the opener and the closer before our lunch break, which was exceptional. That allowed us to fix some drill & music problems after lunch and gave us a shorter afternoon and, I thought, a more relaxed afternoon and led to a better performance.

For the future–we are always looking for more alumni to join us and have the fun we annually have (we’re willing to share). If you talk to any other alumni who might be interested have them contact me and/or give me their email address and I will put them on the emailing list so that when next year’s festival date is set, we can notify them so they can make plans.

Again, a fun time was had by all and I’m extremely proud of all of you.

Oh, by the way…….a train’s been through here.


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