Dear Loyal Alumni Marchers,

Thank you again for all your efforts on Saturday.  Our show was well received by the folks in the stands.  It’s always awesome to have such a wide range of years of alumni back to march.  It’s a fantastic thing.   

In all, we had 32 marchers on the field.  We had five no-shows (people who said they’d do it, who didn’t call or write to let me know they wouldn’t/couldn’t be there) four of them in the percussion section and one drop-in (thanks Scott).   From my count, we only had five alumni who had never marched with us before.

They did give us a plaque for our participation, so I figured that we can share it so that each of us can have in our domiciles for 7.06 days.  Shipping it to Dan Hewitt might be difficult, but….

There were many great and memorable moments that emanated from our performance as there always are.  There’s Cindy with her drum taped to her walker, doing her best to do what she could and apologizing that she couldn’t do more.  We should all be so brave.   It was quite an evening for the Clark family.  Did you know that Dawn hurt her hip doing a move in Basin St. and kept going?  She’s a trooper, and her daughter Ashley made it through the show being quite pregnant.   My few lingering sorenesses are nothing next to any of that.   I always get a big chuckle when we come off the field at the end of the show and I hear the crowd roar when we go into the high-step.  I’m sure some of them are thinking—WHAT!!??  —they’re doing THAT!! and others are probably looking to see if the EMS is on high alert.

I was quite surprised when our practice field wasn’t in use as we thought it would be during the morning practice time.  Thank you for being so flexible and practicing longer in the AM for the trade-off of not coming back in the afternoon.

I do want to get more of our alumni out to march with us and not let this year become the norm.   I’m more convinced that my email address book is doing something stupid from the number of folks that said they didn’t get my mailings.  I will look into that before the end of next week.    I will also make a plea to our new alumni from the classes of ’08 to ’16 to get a few more of the younger folks out.  Those of you who are in that time frame could help immensely if you’d talk it up with your former classmates.   We maintain a

vhsbandforlife thing on facebook and they can always contact my bride, Pat Price on facebook if they want to get in contact with me.   I know that our more veteran marchers will continue to encourage any alumni that they know to join us.  Don’t hesitate to have anyone contact me and give me their information.

I will, as usual, contact all of you immediately when I find out the date for next year’s festival.  So, I’ll see all of you again in about 50 weeks.  Thanks again.


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