James Hoffman

James Hoffman was the instrumental music teacher for not only Vermilion School System (Vermilion had him two days per school week), but also the total of Erie County School systems, with the exception of Sandusky. The schools included were Vermilion, Berlin Heights, Huron, and Margaretta (Milan area).

During the time, he was teacher and bandleader for these schools he had established what was called the “Erie County Band” which would play and march for any County function, such as “Memorial Day” Parades, etc. The Vermilion School Band did do maneuvers on the football field during halftime. But, we didn’t do the complex style which is accomplished presently. When Jim retired, Bill Burt succeeded him. This timing would be sometime in the mid-fifties. After retiring from the school system James went on to start a dance combo that performed at weddings and other events.
To read the source of this material please see this post – Memories of Vermilion Director Jim Hoffman.

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